Blue World

by Della Ray

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When we went to the Single Lock studio in May 2016 to track these songs, we didn't have a clue what the finished product would look like, or what would happen with it. With Ben Tanner at the board and one of our oldest musical allies, Reed Watson, behind the drum kit, we spent a few days working home demos into something resembling songs. They helped us shine them up and indulged our stranger ideas. Ben added killer parts on a slew of different pianos, organs, and keyboards. Caleb Elliott contributed lovely cello to some of the tunes.

There's songs about friends and family, some who are gone. Some bittersweet love songs. Even a turn through familiar turf usually left out of the Gospel tunes. A lot of reflection on memory and how it shapes who we are. It may not be the record we would make today, but it is something we're proud of and a moment captured in sound.

Tracks 8 and 9 were cut almost a full year later, in March 2017 at Portside Studio. Hayden Crawford played drums, while Jamie Sego and Albert Rothstein engineered and mixed.


released November 30, 2017

Songs, vocals, guitars, bass, keys, lap steel: Adam Morrow & Natalie Jensen
Drums: Reed Watson, Hayden Crawford (songs 8 and 9)
Production, engineering, and keys: Ben Tanner
Cello: Caleb Elliott
Production and engineering (songs 8 and 9): Jamie Sego and Albert Rothstein

Recorded and mixed at Single Lock Studios. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering.


all rights reserved



Della Ray Alabama

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Track Name: Blue World
in the dying summer days
when the sun finally breaks
now you see through eyes spiritualized by pain
leaves are dead on the vine, with no one to blame

you're going back to the city to fill up the space in your head
the streets lined with color remind you of books you've read
do you miss the faces in your mind?
you can't stay happy all the time
you know too much to let it go

are you numb enough to hide from the hungry wind
or will it push you over as winter settles in?
with a weary mind, weighted in the realm of days
in the midnight hour, smoking on the fire escape
Track Name: Flossie
a not admitting of the wound until i am so withdrawn
a simple lid of hours that narrow hands pass on
i don't fight it, i live it

flying far from here in the tempting eyes of fate
daring the sky to hold its place
i don't fight it, i live it

left at last in the whirls of what paradise might be
couldn't do without dwelling in possibilities
i don't fight it, i live it
Track Name: Fade
see in the waiting years
how i will disappear
behind the days gone by
on rain soaked seas turned golden and bright

remember how the ground would shake
under movements we make
was i dreaming of your hands
on midnight drives and spinning lands?

oh great, oh great days
do they die when memory fades
when the sun falls behind the trees
will you come back to me

remember when the world was new?
and i was laying next to you?
oh i can't say anything
all the shadows are splitting from their seams
Track Name: Housefly
walk with me on a summer's afternoon
i remember how time bent around you
i watched it slow down and stop in place
how it felt like escape
i am dreaming of it now behind my eyes

luminous days gone by
i wear them in the corners of my eyes
eyes so big and without voice
seeing the illusion of having choice
but i remember how the days used to seem
infinite and free

oh the shadows lengthen into mind
the air is swelling perfectly in time
with what might have been
i see you again, again, and again
hold on tight as the world spins

am i slipping?
Track Name: Garden
i was sleeping in the garden
just wondering how to feel
i'd come down from the mountain
and nothing now seems real

in the tired, whispered future
with visions turned to dreams
i was stabbing at the shadows
over blood spilled on the green

there were voices in the darkness
that carried between the trees
looking for someone
i knew wasn't me

i am pacing now forever
wishing for relief
smoking cigarettes
for a future never seen
Track Name: Grace
i remember everything that i've seen
its the weight pushing on me
hope drifts out to sea
if the sky wanted to swallow me

on the darkest night before the dawn
when i don't wanna talk to anyone
i could see myself but now that's done, done, done
some words i can't take back, i can't outrun

now on the horizon i can see
the gates now out of reach
the days grow dark and lean
but grace, keep me

once, in the darkness i was weak
twice, they asked but i couldn't speak
three times, i've never seen gethsemane
with its blood and sweat and ashes that you dream

i'm more alone than anyone you've ever seen
grace for all, but maybe not for me
one minute you have everything
i'd seen the truth, now its staring right through me

but on the horizon i could see
a place waiting for me
but the days grow dark and mean
but grace, keep me

whats this light that can shine even here
sinner's truth over denier's fears
he who heard every word i had to say
he would not turn, he would not look away

now on the horizon, i can see
his face looking back at me
but the days grow pale and lean
but grace keep me
Track Name: Pale
when my days are all run out
pour my body into the sea
will i watch it disappear
and say the waves changed because of me

oh my time is all in boxes
released to everything
in my quiet hours, waiting
for what i might be
oh my time...

oh i'd rather not change
if its possible to stay
though i'm tired of who i am
its such a familiar shape

oh a texas sky in springtime
filled with pale blue memories
can i take them with me
or are they part of the everything
that i must leave...

another broken body
a soul black and blue
a pile of hours wasted
but none of them with you
oh grace takes my hand
though i try to pull away
but i learned it in your eyes
everything that i can take
my time...
Track Name: Out Of My Head
you were wearing a fake fur coat when you called
summer voices behind the garden wall

its in my head

drinking wine on the rooftops where we lay
talking out our great escape

its in my head

do you think of me when the trees turn gold
i don't think of you that much, you know

its what i said
get out of my head
Track Name: Don't Leave Me Here
I won't remember words we said
you dream in the colors that filled your head
ideas from the summer time in bloom

i think in colors black and white
picture you with the moonlight in your eyes
i will catch you before you go

don't leave me here, i'll wait for you
days turn to years
it was in my mind, that's all it was, i heard you say
how could you forget?
was it wasted time, would you take back?
i won't take back

forgotten days in the summer we learned to waste
feeling things that stayed in that time and place
a stack of letters but they all burn the same
i remember the songs on the radio
i remember the places we used to go
i haven't tried but i can't recall your name...

so are you turning your back on me?
don't look back
cross the edge i won't have to see
times goes on
from the bottom, won't have to breathe
won't you just see whats in front of you?

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