Della Ray

by Della Ray

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Kurt Lee
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Kurt Lee Just the first few seconds of the album and I was stunned. Amazing voice and melody. Really down to earth, great great album. Favorite track: Numb.
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mixed and mastered at Magnetic Audio in Birmingham, AL by Emanual Ellinas.

recorded at home


released January 30, 2014

Emanual Ellinas--mixing and mastering
Adam and Natalie Morrow--vocals, guitars, basses, engineering, producing



all rights reserved


Della Ray Alabama

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Track Name: Numb
heard my baby singing out
watched the days float through the trees
i am lonely when i close my eyes
so won't you come, won't you come and stay with me

saw the years start stacking slowly
they wore a hole through the floor
i'd drink the poison if you poured it out
if you swear you'd never get bored

try and catch a heart that's leaving
why would it stay in one place?
i am lonely when i close my eyes
so won't you come, won't you come and stay with me
Track Name: Don't Leave Me Here
i won't remember words we said
you dream of the colors that filled your head
ideas from the summertime in bloom

i think in colors black and white
picture you with moonlight in your eyes
i will catch you before you go

don't leave me here
i'll wait for you, days turn to years
it was in my mind
thats all it was, i heard you say
how could you forget
was it wasted time
will you take back, i won't take back

forgotten days in the summer we learned to waste
feeling things that stayed in that time and place
a stack of letters, but they all burned the same

i remember the songs on the radio
i remember the places we used to go
i haven't tried, but i can't recall your name

so are you turning your back on me?
don't look back
off the edge, i won't have to see
time goes on
from the bottom, won't have to breathe
won't you just see whats in front of you?
Track Name: Shotgun
there's a shotgun leaned up in the closet of my bedroom
your uncle gave it to me, hope it never ends up with you
i'd look in his eyes, never could tell what he'd do
now when i close mine, i see them too

went to mississippi with a record on his name
shake his head when he heard that times had changed
two sets of footprints to the levee through the delta soil
one come back to alabama and my front door

see them out there where the highways bleed
see them when they won't leave me to my dreams
faces so clear of people i've never seen
in my waking world, please leave me be

notches on the stock tell the stories never heard
your uncle he'd grin, but he'd never say a word
blood trails left on the leaves, growing cold
shallow holes where the cracks are starting to show

some things you see have a way of staying with you
a ghost story would make too little of the truth
darkness in the hearts of man, buried deep in the soil
cooking alive, waiting for its birth

leave the gun and run, away from here
Track Name: Whistle
easter morning
with a broken bottle in my hand
go north to escape
the things wrought by my hands

death cuts through the valley
right to the river shore
whistle at a woman
won't breathe this air anymore

i saw him on the highway
dust cloud behind him in the east
shotgun in the front seat
and eyes trained on me

he won't come back this way again
he won't come back my way again

notches on the barrel
come to file another in
catch him where he's standing
never another scratch again

drops of whiskey wasted
glass stuck in his hair
quiet in the valley
while the blood dries in the air

souls by the river, spent
bodies to the bottom, sent
he'll wander forever more
blind on that cursed shore

he won't come back this way again
Track Name: Saint John
stood above the city
with bodies held on string
counted all the cars that passed
with the people miles beneath

held my eyes over the edge
out of a fever dream
all the breathing bodies
and the quiet for me

saint john the divine
has his arms around me
stand still in the air
a dream in patina green

a place like a sickness
infecting me
some day i'll go home
but i won't be me.

walk the bridge at night
no stars to be seen
the city burns alight
feel the pylons sink

deep into the river
that could swallow me whole
find darkness at the bottom
and no one would ever know
Track Name: Illusion
how do you feel?
they don't see the world like you do
but don't you cry
your tears are no good
what you feel inside
have you been lied to?
a whole life

awake at night
for too many reasons
sleep just not enough
a way to count the seasons
i am inside someone else's dream
i wait my turn, but it won't come for me

it turned out wrong
everything you had planned
was that you
saying it was no good?
you came alive
but not for a lifetime

awake at night
for too many reasons
you start to feel
that you might have been defeated
i am inside some greater dream
i wait my turn, when will it come for me?