from by Della Ray



easter morning
with a broken bottle in my hand
go north to escape
the things wrought by my hands

death cuts through the valley
right to the river shore
whistle at a woman
won't breathe this air anymore

i saw him on the highway
dust cloud behind him in the east
shotgun in the front seat
and eyes trained on me

he won't come back this way again
he won't come back my way again

notches on the barrel
come to file another in
catch him where he's standing
never another scratch again

drops of whiskey wasted
glass stuck in his hair
quiet in the valley
while the blood dries in the air

souls by the river, spent
bodies to the bottom, sent
he'll wander forever more
blind on that cursed shore

he won't come back this way again


from Della Ray, released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Della Ray Alabama

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