from by Della Ray



there's a shotgun leaned up in the closet of my bedroom
your uncle gave it to me, hope it never ends up with you
i'd look in his eyes, never could tell what he'd do
now when i close mine, i see them too

went to mississippi with a record on his name
shake his head when he heard that times had changed
two sets of footprints to the levee through the delta soil
one come back to alabama and my front door

see them out there where the highways bleed
see them when they won't leave me to my dreams
faces so clear of people i've never seen
in my waking world, please leave me be

notches on the stock tell the stories never heard
your uncle he'd grin, but he'd never say a word
blood trails left on the leaves, growing cold
shallow holes where the cracks are starting to show

some things you see have a way of staying with you
a ghost story would make too little of the truth
darkness in the hearts of man, buried deep in the soil
cooking alive, waiting for its birth

leave the gun and run, away from here


from Della Ray, released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Della Ray Alabama

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